Just Give Us 21 Days

We'll lease your property with a quality renter—guaranteed.

HBR Rentals believes in our renter screening process and professional marketing property marketing strategies! We want you to believe in us, too. However, if we fail to rent your property in 21 days (or less), we reduce our leasing fees by 50% while we continue to find the right resident for your property.

It's our 21-Day Leasing Guarantee! Standing by our work benefits property owners. It also boosts your bottom line. We reduce the risk for property owners to try our services while giving you our best. With our team working at peak performance, you experience peak results, too!

Just Give Us 21 Days
How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

When we follow our expert strategy, property
owners benefit from less downtime without a renter. You also get high-quality renters to start paying the rent—
sooner rather than later!

However, if we can't find the ideal renter with a signed lease for your property within 21 days, we cut your leasing fees in half when our failure meets these conditions:

  • We set the rental price

  • The rental home must be vacant

  • The home must be otherwise ready for residents

  • The property owner must allow pets (maximum of two).

Property owners win either way! You have a quality renter ready to pay the rent, or we keep working for you at 50% of our leasing fees. 

Don't worry: we won't place an unqualified renter to make sure we don't go beyond 21 days!

At HBR Rentals, we always follow our strict screening process—every time. We won't skip any of the critical screening elements, including a background check, criminal history, employment and income verification, and a pet screening. That's part of our guarantee! 

Quality renters in 21 days (or less) or we keep searching—while you pay less.

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