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Providing world-class service in the property management business in Tracy, California

HBR Rentals

We provide property management services to Mountain House and surrounding areas.

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How are we different:
It should be known that our services are not for everyone. We operate our company at peak performance. We aim to satisfy investors. It is almost impossible to live up to our standards and our commitments with a poorly maintained house or neighborhood. However, most of the time simple remedies are all that a house needs to make it more profitable. We can easily oversee almost any renovation, large or small, in order to help you earn the most from your property and alleviate headaches.
Our marketing is ambitious. We take photos, videos and advertise your house on our website as well as several other major websites such as: Hotpads,, lovely, Trulia,, RentalSource, FaceBook, Instagram and show me the rent. We pay for the advertising ahead of time, out of our own funds. There is no additional fee to you for this service. It is all included in your procurement fee.
Tenant Screening
Our screening typically includes:
Review Proof of Income
Run a Credit, Criminal, and Rental history background check
Review old leases and/or talk with prior landlords to verify tenant is in good standing
Repairs and Maintenance
We focus on saving you money where we can. We have a unique relationship with a handyman service that allows us to perform repairs at prices well below market rates. They are capable of handling jobs such as roofing, minor electrical, plumbing, hardwoods, cabinets, tile and much more. We also have builder discounts available to us on everything from appliances to paint.
Property Assessment
We perform an in-depth analysis of your property. We will visit the property to get a feel for the condition and the neighborhood. A rental market analysis will be performed in order to best assess the monthly rental value of the property. We will document any recommendations we have for your property. Many times there are simple corrections a landlord can make in the property that can mean the difference between prolonged vacancy and immediate rental.
Our firm is committed to providing quality property management services to our clients. Our broker is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), which is a national association dedicated to property managers and property management companies who provide services for single family home owners.