HBR Rentals is a team of property management experts providing world-class service to property owners and renters in Tracy, California. From lease-only services to full-service monthly management, we focus on your bottom line! 

Overspending for property management services is a mythand we work hard to dispel it. The best property managers provide an affordable way to grow your wealth without sacrificing quality or services. Property investors don't need to handle day-to-day property management tasks—or choose pricey property management—to benefit from passive real estate income! 

Our team helps investors generate more profit while saving more money on rental property expenses. We also work hard to use our knowledge, systems, experience, and professional team members to protect our investors. We keep investors out of court and away from costly legal expenses by following all California rental laws. Our commitment to protecting your investment property business and boosting your profits is why we are the best property managers in the Tracy area!

Who We Are

We are a team of property management professionals in Tracy, California, with a mission to provide the best rental property experience for owners and residents! We commit to working with honesty, integrity, and the best industry experience—without exception. 

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Ron Cedillo & Eva Cedillo



Ron and Eva love to travel, cook and entertain and love watching sports.

Karen Jordan

Property Manager & Realtor


Karen moved to Tracy when she was 10 years old. She graduated from Tracy High and prides herself on being a hometown girl. She is a breast cancer survivor and has helped raise funds for local Tracy Sutter Hospital Imaging Department. With the help of her family and community Karen has helped raise over $15,000 towards the fight against breast cancer.

When not working Karen enjoys spending time with her family, eating brunch and cooking new recipes. Karen's motto is always to: Do what you love, love what you do!!

Alex Bonilla

Maintenance Coordinator

In my free time I like relaxing with my family, Love spending time with my kids, I've barely spent time with them and now it's like we do everything together. Can't wait for this virus to be over so we can start going out and see places we never seen before

Tre Jordan

Realtor/Site Inspector

Hi all, name is Jack Jordan III but I go by Tre. Interested in a variety of things. Thank you for choosing to work with us

Clarissa Macias

Director of Owner Operations


I love to explore whether it's new restaurants, roads, cities, or trails. I love to show my beautiful daughters what a wonderful world we live in.

Ruth De Ruiz

Resident Finance and Process Implementation Manager


I love to explore and create new recipes in my kitchen, I'm always looking for new ways to enhance my palate. Also, spending time with friends and my pet.

Lizbeth Hernandez

Project Manager


I love painting while listening music, and I enjoy watching sad romantic movies and series. I like learning new languages, my favorite color is yellow and I am fan of cats.

Rachel Vasquez

Maintenance Coordinator

I love spending time with my family during my free time and we love to do road trips to explore new coffee shops & restaurants.

Rafael Galván

Maintenance coordinator

Hi, I like traveling, camping, exercising, cycling, spending time with my kid, going to the movies, playing video games,  I enjoy working at the maintenance department.

Walter Padilla

Resident Success Manager

I'm a car enthusiast, I love to play online videogames in my free time, watch comedy sitcoms with my wife and make barbecues to share with family or friends.