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Property maintenance is one of the most critical aspects of building a successful Tracy, CA rental property business. While finding renters who pay the rent and don't damage your property are also essential to your success, your best residents will leave if you don't provide top-quality maintenance services.

Keeping good residents requires a priority on maintenance—but not every property owner has the time (or desire) to be a repair expert. Whether it's making an emergency repair or performing preventative maintenance tasks, many investors prefer not to be "hands-on" with those aspects of a profitable rental property.

The good news is that with Tracy property management, property investors don't even have to lift a hammer! However, there's more to proper maintenance than answering resident calls. Here are some of our best expert property maintenance tips if you choose to forge your path as an investor on your own.

Young adults moving in new homeVet Your Vendors

Protecting your property means only allowing trustworthy people into your home. That includes the vendors you choose for repairs.

Choosing a low-cost contractor might save some money, but you could put your property and renters at risk. Even if a plumber comes with excellent online reviews, it's critical to vet all vendors before they enter or perform work on your Tracy, CA property. If a service provider damages your property (or your renter's personal items), you could be liable for the damage and compensation to your residents.

Maintaining a network of reliable, cost-effective contractors that perform excellent work is an essential part of providing superior maintenance services! Check references, review their work, and make sure they have a history of delivering reliable repairs without issues. 

Then, when a resident calls with an emergency maintenance issue, you'll already have vendors at your disposal to solve the problem (affordably) right away.

Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

As a property investor, fixing maintenance problems yourself isn't always the best way to go. You might be able to save a little money—but is your fix the best long-term solution? If you find yourself "refixing" your repairs, it's probably a better idea to let a professional take over your maintenance services. 

You might have the skills to put a temporary repair in place to stop a leak or shore-up a broken stair railing, but your next step should be to call an expert for a complete and professional repair. Renters quickly lose patience with an ongoing problem or a repair that doesn't truly resolve the issue. 

  • Hiring a professional can reduce the amount of money you spend fixing a maintenance issue more than once.
  • They'll also be more likely to fix it correctly the first time, rather than requiring repeated visits to fix the same problem over and over again. 

Unless you have training as a qualified contractor, the idea of saving money on DIY repairs often becomes a myth. Investing in a team of quality maintenance professionals is one of the best things you can do for your rental property business! 

Handyman ready for workKeep a List and Check It Often

We mentioned maintaining a network of go-to contractors, and it's worth digging a little deeper into why that's so important to your professional maintenance reputation. 

To establish yourself as the best Tracy, CA, rental home provider (and attract excellent residents), connecting with local contractors is critical! Your network of vetted professional service providers is a significant feather in your cap that can set you apart from the competition.

As professional Tracy property management, we know the benefits of a trusted contractor network, including:

  • A list of go-to vendors for any maintenance issue: Whether it's a plumbing problem or the HVAC system isn't keeping your residents cool, you don't have to Google for an available technician. Check your list and call one of your established professionals!
  • A reputation for providing the best maintenance services for rental properties: Word can spread fast when a property owner doesn't take good care of their properties. Your residents are more likely to renew a lease and give you a good review when they see how well you maintain your properties and respond to emergencies.
  • Local support in the contractor community: When you send consistent work to the best local vendors, they spread the word in their networks, too! You'll save money on repairs when you develop lasting relationships with quality vendors in your area. 

Trusting your property repairs to third-party contractors can be difficult at first, but the benefits are worth it! 

Choose Tracy Property Management for the Best Maintenance

You don't have to spend the time researching vendors and building a network of reliable contractors. When you hire Tracy CA property management, that monumental task is done for you!

Choose the property management services of HBR Rentals will save you time and moneywhile offering the best maintenance services to your residents. We understand the importance of quality maintenance to protect your property and keep your residents happy! Contact us for a free consultation.

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