We Want You to Be Happy With Our Services

Satisfaction and communication are two critical elements of a profitable property management and property owner relationship. If you expect the peak results we promise, you need to experience those results from our efforts to do our job well for you. 

That's why we offer our Communication & Satisfaction Guarantee! It covers two vital components of keeping property owners happy and profitable.

What Is Our Satisfaction Guarantee?

We know that we won't always be the right fit for every property owner. As hard as we'll work to help every property owner experience peak results, sometimes not everything works to an owner's satisfaction. 

That's okay! While we never like to admit defeat, sometimes it's time to say goodbye. HBR Rentals wants property owners to be happy with our services, and we won't penalize you for leaving to find happiness elsewhere.  

It's okay to be honest with us! Our Satisfaction Guarantee means:

  • If you are not satisfied with our services, you are free to cancel with no penalty. 
  • We simply require a 30-day notice to process and prepare your properties to leave our services. 

No hard feelings! We want you to be happy, whether it's with our services or not. We guarantee that you'll love us, or we'll part ways without any penalty.


What Is Our Communication Guarantee?

Good communication helps HBR Rentals provide the best property management services in Tracy! Part of keeping property owners happy is being available and responding promptly to resident or property owner inquiries and requests.

With our Communication Guarantee:

  • If an owner or resident calls, texts, or emails us during the business week/day, we will respond within 24-hours.
  • If we fail to meet that timeframe, HBR Rentals will waive management fees for that month.

We're here for you! Available, responsive, and ready to serve owners and residents without delay—guaranteed.

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