Property Owners Don't Suffer When a Renter Leaves Early

Sometimes renters need to break a lease early. Whether it's due to military deployment, job relocation, or a health issue, there are several legal reasons why a resident might need to end a lease early and move out of your rental property. 

In other scenarios, a renter disappears or needs to be removed from the property for violating the lease agreement. Regardless of the reasons, we believe that property owners should not suffer a financial loss to replace a renter that can't complete a full lease term.

An Unexpected Vacancy Can Be Expensive

Without property management, an unexpected end to a lease creates a significant (and potentially expensive) problem. If you aren't prepared with a new renter to move in when an unexpected vacancy happens, you lose money until you can find a qualified renter to sign a new lease. 

HBR Rentals never wants a property owner to be on the losing end of a broken lease. You depend on residents to complete a full 12-month lease term. Keeping your property occupied with renters who fulfill their lease agreement is one of the key components of generating the income you need from your investment properties! 


Our Leasing & Rent Guarantee Helps Property Owners Recover

We stand by our services when placing residents! However, we can't predict if or when a renter will leave a property before the end of their lease. That's where our Leasing & Rent Guarantee comes in!

Here's how it works:

  • HBR guarantees a tenancy for 12 months. 
  • If we place a resident who moves out early, HBR will re-lease the home with no leasing fee.

That's right! If we screen and place a renter that can't (or won't) complete their lease term, we'll find a new quality renter at no charge to our property owner. 

A renter who leaves early or abandons your property should not ruin your investment income. We stand by our screening process to help us find the best quality residents for your property. However, if a resident lets us down, we'll make it right with a new renter.

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