Move-In/Move-Out Photo Inspection Procedures

Our manager will perform a walk-through inspection of the property prior to your move-in. At that time, we will be documenting the move-in condition of the property by means of written, photo, and video documentation.

You will receive a copy of the inspection at the time you take possession.
You have five (5) days to create your Move-In Inspection Report via the Zinspector app.
At the time of move-in, you may request repairs. In turn, we will request those repairs of the owner.
However, there is no guarantee that a requested repair will made. You are accepting the property in an as-is condition.

At the time of move-out, a similar inspection will be provided. You have the right to request, and be present at a pre-move-out inspection of the property prior to your vacating. In order to avoid confusion, please make any request to our office in writing. Legally, the inspection cannot take place any more than two (2) weeks before the date you vacate and/or the end of the lease