Pet Damage Is Not Your Problem!

Allowing pets in your rental property helps you find better quality residents and make more money! Even if you aren't a ‘pet person,’ property owners can benefit from maintaining pet-friendly properties

However, we know that not all pets are gentle, well-behaved animals. Even the best pets create messes or scratch walls or flooring from time to time. 

  • Despite placing carefully selected pets (and their owners), it's reasonable to expect some pet damage in your property when a resident moves out. 
  • In a worst-case scenario, a dog or cat goes ‘above and beyond’ by leaving significant damage throughout a property. 
Either way—large or small—any amount of damage isn't your problem. Because we know pet-friendly properties attract better renters and generate more income for owners, we encourage investors to allow pets in their properties. However, HBR Rentals never wants property owners to deal with the costs of repairing pet damage before a new renter can move in.

It's Our Problem

Pet owners make excellent residents! They pay the rent on time, take good care of your property, and often renew a lease (rather than try to find another property that will accept their beloved pet). Excluding the pet-owning population from your renter applicant pool can limit your property's ability to deliver peak results. 

However, we know pets come with risk! To protect your property, minimize financial risk to owners, and give you access to better renters (and better profits), HBR Rentals offers our Pet Protection Guarantee. 

We promise:

  • The pets we screen and place will be on their best behavior. 
  • If a pet causes damage to a property above normal wear and tear, HBR Rentals will reimburse the cost of repairs up to $1,000 for anything not covered by the security deposit.

Yes, we put pets through a careful screening process, too! They must meet the property owner's criteria of acceptable breeds, maximum weight, clean vet history, up-to-date vaccines, and no history of aggressive behavior. 

We stand by the screened pets and owners we place in your property, and we'll cover the costs of fixing any damage from a renter's beloved pet.

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