Review our list of available properties and decide which properties fit your criteria! Take a drive by the properties to make sure the neighborhood fits your needs. Call our office at 209-833-4000 to schedule an appointment.

Available Properties

General Guidelines

The following are our general guidelines when reviewing applications.

  • Rent should not exceed a third (1/3) of the combined gross income of those signing the lease.

  • Occupancy is governed using the '2+1 rule.' Two people per bedroom plus one additional person. So a 3-bedroom home would have a maximum occupancy of seven people.

  • Our security deposit can be up to two (2) months' rent, and is due at the time of lease signing.

  • No prior evictions are allowed.

  • Pet deposits, if applicable, are in addition to the security deposit and generally range from $500.00–$1,000.00.

  • If you move in before the 15th of the month, we will pro-rate your rent. If you move in after the 15th of the month, we ask for one (1) month’s full rent and then we pro-rate the second month.

General Guidelines